I am very fortunate, my work fulfils my purpose to add value and leave a positive imprint on people's lives

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From early in my career, with a hunger to develop, improve and grow, I was struck by the difference a leader can make to the performance of individuals, a team and a business…in both a progressive or a negative way.

I was fortunate to work with some inspirational and empowering bosses who provided the trust, the stretch, the autonomy and the safe environment in which I could take ownership of my business area - celebrating the wins, and getting back-up, dusting myself down, and noting the learning when I fell over. The latter being the richest of learning experiences!

It was being fortunate to have worked with leaders such as these that shaped my own leadership style and philosophy, which was centred around empowerment and enablement. I was determined to get the best out of people and enable them to realise their potential. Enabling people to benefit from autonomy but with a healthy amount of ownership. It led me to the realisation that often the biggest barriers we face are the ones we place in our way ourselves, and that self-awareness, self-efficacy and a growth mindset are qualities which enable us to thrive…and are not to be underestimated!

Getting as much of an internal buzz when someone achieves, makes a shift or blossoms into their role, as when the organisation beats its 'numbers', not only shaped my identity and values as a leader, it also set me on a course to an inevitable path to becoming a leadership and performance coach.

I am very fortunate; my work fulfils my purpose to add value and leave a positive imprint on people's lives. The buzz I got as a leader in industry, still exists and is now a daily occurrence as a coach…'what's not to like…?!'

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